Surfing in Bali - Tips & Lessons learned

by Maarten Rol

Apr 18, 2016
A lot of our customers come to Bali with their kids and one of the questions we are asked is “What kind of entertainment, besides having fun in our villa and pool, can you recommend?” Well, especially for kids, the Indian Ocean is a source of great fun. And one of the most popular things to do is surfing. However, everybody has to learn the basics…
A surfing school we can recommend is the UP2U Surf School. Managed by its Australian owner Paul, it is located on the wonderful Legian Beach.

Surfing, after a lesson of the basics
Surfing, after a lesson of the basics

It is very easy to make an appointment through UP2U’s website, and their booking confirmation features good advice regarding sun protection and other things.
The day starts by meeting at the appointed time, which is important because of the tide. Make sure you’re not late!
What I liked is not only the way they teach and practice the technique, but also the way they point out all the aspects regarding safety. And when you go into the ocean, there is one teacher for every three students, so there is a lot of individual attention.

And when you've been busy surfing for some time!
And when you've been busy surfing for some time!

I personally have taken a surfing lesson with them, but it was a bit of a confrontation because of my age. Having done quite a bit of windsurfing in the past, I thought that would be helpful. Mmmm, not really.
For me the day involved more swimming than surfing, but I was amazed to see how quickly they taught the younger people how to surf. And the parents: they can enjoy a nice cappuccino or cool cocktail at the Azul Beach Club next door.
So: do you want to have fun on Bali? Go surfing and treat yourself to some good surfing lessons, you will not regret it!

Sunset at the wonderful Legian Beach” height=
Sunset at Legian Beach

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