The Banjar Hot Springs

by Maarten Rol

Sept 14, 2015
A nice, and not so well known place to visit during a holiday in Bali is the Banjar Hot Springs. Situated in the north of Bali just under the village of Banjar, these hot springs (Air Panas Banjar in Google Maps) offer a tranquilizing look into the history of Bali. The word Air, pronounced as 'a-eer' (the 'a' like in father) means water, while Panas means warm or hot.
When travelling from places like Seminyak or Canggu, it is best to reserve the whole day for the visit as it will take you some time to get there. It is a trip that can be combined very well with a visit to Lake Beratan with its beautiful temple on the lakeside.
Sometimes, when there is a market (pasar) in Banjar, it will cost a little extra time to pass the pasar when you travel by car, but it is not a big deal because the people are accustomed to make way for the visitors.

Main Pool of the Banjar Hot Springs
The Main Pool of the Banjar Hot Springs

After parking the car you will walk around 200 m to the entrance. The roadside is busy with small merchants who will try to sell you their goods. In the weekend the springs will be pretty busy, as they are very popular with the local people.
At the entrance a small fee must be paid by the tourists. For that you can stay the whole day, if you like. In order to change, there are small cabins and for a modest fee your valuable belongings will be guarded.

Side Pool of the Banjar Hot Springs
The Side Pool of the Banjar Hot Springs

The water in the main pool is emerald green and contains a lot of iron. The main pool is large, but not deep. Next to the main pool there is a shallow side pool with traditional ornaments, that are similar to those found in many temples, and from which the warm water flows into the pool.
Next to one of the other sides of the main pool you will find our favorite place. Warm spring water flows from pipes attached to the wall, some 3 metres above. As a result of this, a warm invigorating massage is received as the water splashes down on neck, shoulders and back. Every time we are in the hot springs, we enjoy this massage again and again!

Massage by the Banjar Hot Springs
Water Massage!

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